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Among Our Services We Offer

Structural Steel Inspections

All Structural Steel Inspections are performed by AWS Certified Welding Inspectors. All inspectors have been thoroughly trained to properly perform Structural Steel Inspections both a fabrication shops and during erection.

Ultrasonic Inspections

Ultrasonic Inspections are used for thickness measurements and for detecting internal or surface discontinuities in almost all solid materials by using sound waves. Equipment is highly portable and especially useful when access to the part is limited.

Magnetic Particle Inspections

Magnetic Particle Inspections are used for locating surface and near surface discontinuities inferromagnetic materials such as weldments, cranehooks, turbine blades, aircraft parts, gears, vessels, castings and piping.

Liquid Penetrant Inspections

Liquid Penetrant Inspections, both fluorescent and visible, is a sensitive method used for locating discontinuities such as elongated indications and pours that are open to the surface. This method is particularly useful on materials such as aluminum, magnesium and austenitic stainless steel, which cannot be magnetized.

Ground Penetrating Radar Inspections

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) provides state of the art technology to accurately locate objects within concrete. Its uses include locating rebar, post-tension cables, electrical conduits and voids. GPR is safe, uses no radiation and is also able to locate non-metallic materials such as PVC. It's quick, reliable and requires access to only one side of the structure. Accurate estimates are provided as well.

Welder Qualifications and Welding Procedures

GPR Testing offers welding procedure and welder performance certification testing at the clients' facility or in our laboratory. Our personnel will assist the client in preparing Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manuals (QA/QC), Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) for the fulfillment of project requirements.